The future of publishing since 1584

Cambridge University Press is a division of the University of Cambridge and is constitutionally devoted to publishing for the acquisition, advancement, conservation and dissemination of knowledge in all subjects.

Books published by the Press are a rich resource of knowledge for students, researchers, academics, professionals and policymakers. We publish monographs, textbooks, reference books, and multi- author or edited works in all disciplines across science, technology and mathematics and social sciences. All manuscripts are evaluated through multiple anonymous reviews and a high standard of production quality is ensured. Our marketing and sales teams ensure global visibility and outreach of the books.

The Press is governed by the University Syndicate, which came into existence in the sixteenth century. It is an official committee comprising about 18 senior University academics from a wide variety of disciplines. The Syndicate meets every two weeks during term time (and monthly during the vacations) to review proposals that the Press editors recommend for publication. When a recommendation is accepted by the Syndicate, a contract is offered to the author(s) or editor(s).

Our books are available in electronic formats. Our e-publishing team develops ways to increase circulation of content through various electronic outlets. Access to our titles is enabled through institutional library services, as downloads to PCs and hand-held devices, and through specially selected aggregators.

Cambridge Books Online offers libraries and institutions access to our e-books under a number of attractive and flexible models, ensuring the instant dissemination of some of the best academic and scholarly research available anywhere in the world today.

University Publishing Online provides access to e-books from the world-renowned publishing programmes of our partner presses, covering subjects from all disciplines.