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Physics of Society:  Econophysics and Sociophysics



About The Series


This book series is aimed at introducing readers to the recent developments in physics inspired modelling of economic and social systems. Socio-economic systems are increasingly being identified as 'interacting many-body dynamical systems' very much similar to the physical systems, studied over several centuries now. Econophysics and sociophysics as interdisciplinary subjects view the dynamics of markets and society in general as those of physical systems. This will be a series of books written by eminent academicians, researchers and subject experts in the field of physics, mathematics, finance, sociology, management and economics.

This new series brings out research monographs and course books addressed to students and researchers across disciplines, both from physical and social science disciplines, including economics.


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Forthcoming Titles


  • Statistical Physics Perspective on Socio Economic Inequalities by Chatterjee and Yakovenko


  • Statistical Analysis, Mathematical Modelling and Simulation by Abergel et al


  • Macro-econophysics: New studies on Economic Networks and Synchronization by Yoshi Fujiwara et al


  • Interactive Macroeconomics: Stochastic aggregate dynamics with heterogeneous and interacting agents by Gallegati et al