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Education - Science

Biological Science 1 and 2



Biological Science 1 and 2

D. J. Taylor
N. P. O. Green
G. W. Stout
Edited by: R. Soper

49.95 | Rs.4965 | HB | 3rd Edition | 992 Pages
ISBN: 9780521561785
Series: Biological Science
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Available for: SAARC Countries only

This is the third edition of the highly successful book, Biological Science. The text has been revised and updated to provide comprehensive coverage of the latest syllabuses. New material has been added in the following areas: human health and disease, microbiology and biotechnology, and the applications of genetics. Questions and practical work permeate the text and useful appendices are included covering biological chemistry, biological techniques and statistics. Biological Science is available as two soft cover volumes and as a combined volume hardback.

1. Introduction to the subject
2. Classification
3. Chemicals of life
4. Enzymes
5. Cells
6. Histology
7. Autotrophic nutrition
8. Heterotrophic nutrition
9. Energy utilisation
10. Organisms in their environment
11. Quantitative ecology
12. Microbiology and biotechnology
Answers and discussion
13. Transport in plants
14. Transport in animals
15. Coordination and control in plants
16. Coordination and control in animals
17. Movement and support
18. Homeostasis
19. Excretion and osmoregulation
20. Reproduction
21. Growth and development
22. Continuity of life
23. Variation and genetics
24. Application of genetics
25. Evolution - history of life
26. Mechanisms of speciation
Answers and discussion
Appendix 1. Biological chemistry
Appendix 2. Biological techniques
Appendix 3. Classification
Appendix 4. Nomenclature and units
Appendix 5. The geological time scale

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