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Cambridge ICT Starters



Cambridge ICT Starters :Next Steps Stage 2

Jill Jesson
Graham Peacock

Rs.175 | $8.95 | PB | 3rd Edition | 52 Pages | Web Support
ISBN: 9781107625136
Series: Cambridge ICT Starters
Publisher: Cambridge University Press India

Cambridge ICT Starters: Next Steps, Stage 2 has been designed to support learners who are following the Cambridge Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Starters syllabus. This book provides full coverage of all the modules. The sections of the book correspond to the modules and follow the order in which the modules appear in the syllabus. The book builds on writing and modifying commands to produce pictures and designs; searching, retrieving and storing internet information; setting up and managing an email account in order to compose, edit, read and respond to emails; and creating and organizing multimedia presentations.

The activities in the book use Microsoft Office 2007 software and Windows 7.

Key Features
A close match to the content and order of the Cambridge ICT Starters syllabus
An easy-to-follow format
Learning objectives to help teachers
Clear step-by-step instruction in using a computer
Stimulating fun-to-do activities
Optional challenge and extension activities at the end of each module
Online web resources can be downloaded from

Module 5 Exploring Control
5.1 Exploring control
5.2 Turtle repeats
5.3 Varied angles
5.4 Pattern by rotation
5.5 Writing procedures
5.6 Repeat a procedure
Optional extension and challenge activities

Module 6 Exploring the Internet
6.1 Internet words
6.2 Browsing web pages
6.3 Copying graphics and text
6.4 Searching for information
Optional extension and challenge activities

Module 7 Exploring Email
7.1 Email account
7.2 Replying to email
7.3 Forward, Cc and Bcc
7.4 Attachment
7.5 Managing folders
Optional extension and challenge activities Module 8 Exploring Multimedia 8.1 Learning about multimedia 8.2 MS PowerPoint 8.3 Adding pictures 8.4 Adding sounds 8.5 Linear storyboards 8.6 Complex tree storyboards 8.7 Main menu 8.8 More slides 8.9 Linking the slides 8.10 Self-evaluation 8.11 Project Optional extension and challenge activities

Author/Editor Details
Jill Jesson, Experienced teacher and teacher trainer
Graham Peacock, Experienced teacher and teacher trainer

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