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The India-Pakistan Conflict



The India-Pakistan Conflict :An Enduring Rivalry

Edited by: T.V. Paul 

Rs.445 | PB | 290 Pages | 5 tables 3 figures 1 map
ISBN: 9788175963641

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Available for: SAARC Countries only

The India-Pakistan rivalry remains one of the most enduring and unresolved conflicts of our times. It began with the birth of the two states in 1947, and it has continued ever since, with the periodic resumption of wars and crises. The conflict has affected every dimension of interstate and societal relations between the two countries and, despite occasional peace initiatives, shows no signs of abating. This volume brings together leading experts in international relations theory and comparative politics to explain the persistence of this rivalry. Together they examine a range of topics including regional power distribution, great power politics, territorial divisions, the nuclear weapons factor, and incompatible national identities. Based on their analyses, they offer possible conditions under which the rivalry could be terminated. The book will be of interest to scholars of politics and international relations, as well as those concerned about stability and peace in South Asia.

Part I. Introduction:
1. Causes of the India-Pakistan enduring rivalry T. V. Paul

Part II. Theories of Enduring Rivalry and the South Asian Conflict:
2. Theoretical specifications of enduring rivalries: applications to the India-Pakistan case Paul F. Diehl, Gary Goertz and Daniel Saeedi

3. India-Pakistan conflict in light of general theories of war, rivalry and deterrence John A. Vasquez

4. The Indo-Pakistani rivalry: prospects for war, prospects for peace Daniel S. Geller

5. Realpolitik and learning in the India-Pakistan rivalry Russell J. Leng

Part III. Roots of the India-Pakistan Conflict:
6. Major powers and the persistence of the India-Pakistan conflict Ashok Kapur

7. Nuclear weapons and the prolongation of the India-Pakistan rivalry Saira Khan

8. National identities and the Pakistan-India conflict Vali Nasr

9. At the heart of the conflict: irredentism and Kashmir Stephen Saideman

10. Institutional causes of the Indo-Pakistani rivalry Reeta Chowdhari Tremblay and Julian Schofield

Part IV. Conclusions:
11: South Asia's Embedded conflict: understanding the India-Pakistan rivalry T. V. Paul and William Hogg.

Author/Editor Details
Edited by: T.V. Paul , James McGill Professor, International Relations, McGill University, Montreal

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