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North East Indian Linguistics



North East Indian Linguistics :Volume 1

Edited by: Stephen Morey Morey
Edited by: Mark Post

Rs.695 | $32 | HB | 284 Pages
ISBN: 9788175966000
Series: North East Indian Linguistics, 1
Publisher: Cambridge University Press India

The North East of India is one of the most rich and diverse cultural-linguistic regions of Asia. However, awareness of this is not widespread and as a result, the linguistic abundance of the region has not been sufficiently appreciated. Students and scholars from different parts of India and the world are now making efforts to turn around this scenario. North East Indian Linguistics is a result of such concerted attempts. This book is the first published collection of selected articles on North East Indian linguistics. The articles represent the current state of research in the field.

The authors have adopted a variety of approaches to the study of the multifarious North East Indian languages – Ao (Naga), Assamese, Atong (Bodo-Garo), Bishnupriya, Garo, Khamti (Tai), Khasi, Kurtoep, Singpho, and the Tani languages, Apatani, Galo and Mising. The areas addressed in this book include descriptive phonology, lexicon, morphosyntax and semantics. The book also discusses general topics regarding fieldwork and orthography development.

North East Indian Linguistics will be of interest to students, scholars and professionals in South and South East Asian linguistics and related fields, particularly to those involved in the study of languages of Austro-Asiatic, Indo-Aryan and Tibeto-Burman stock. The book will also benefit those with a concern for minority and endangered languages, and cultures.


1. Kurtöp Phonology in the Context of North East India
2. Working with Tones in North East India – The Tonal System of Numhpuk Singpho, Assam
3. Tonality and the Analysis of Sub-Minimal Words in Ao
4. Change with Continuity in the Boro-Garo Languages

5. Lexicon in a Contact Language: The Case of Bishnupriya
6. Shafer’s ‘parallels’ between Khasi and Sino-Tibetan
7. An Exploratory Study of the Terms of Relationship in Khamti of Lohit district in Arunachal Pradesh
8. Verbs of Position, Existence, Location and Possession and their Grammaticalization Pathways in the Tani languages

Morphology, Syntax and Semantics
9. Causative Prefixes in Four Boro-Garo Languages
10. Similarities in Verbal and Nominal Morphology In Atong
11. Temporality in Bishnupriya
12. Explicator Compound Verbs in Assamese and Kashmiri: A Comparative Analysis
13. Explorations in the Nonfinite Verbal System in Asamiya

Language Description and Language Endangerment
14. Doing Fieldwork on the Singpho Language of North Eastern India
15. Quest for a Script

Author/Editor Details
Edited by: Stephen Morey Morey, Research Fellow, La Trobe University, Australia
Edited by: Mark Post, Works at Research Centre for Linguistic Typology (RCLT), La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia

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