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Complex Deterrence



Complex Deterrence :Strategy in the Global Age

Edited by: T. V. Paul 
Edited by: Patrick M. Morgan and James J. Wirtz 
Edited by: James J. Wirtz 

Rs.795 | $29.5 | HB | 357 Pages
ISBN: 9788175967816

Publisher: Foundation Books

Available for: SAARC Countries only

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Moving beyond the precepts of traditional deterrence theory, this ground-breaking volume offers insights for the use of deterrence in the modern world, where policy makers may encounter irrational actors, failed states, religious zeal, ambiguous power relationships, and other situations where long-established rules of statecraft do not apply. A distinguished group of contributors here examines issues such as deterrence among the great powers; the problems of regional and nonstate actors; and actors armed with chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons. Complex deterrence will be a valuable resource for anyone facing the considerable challenge of fostering security and peace in the twenty-first century.

List of Figures and Tables
I Introduction
1. Complex Deterrence: An Introduction
II Deterrence and its Challenges
2. Three Items in One: Deterrence as Concept, Research Program, and Political Issue
3. Rational Deterrence against “Irrational” Adversaries? No Common Knowledge
III Deterrence and Nonstate Actors
4. Complex Deterrence in the Asymmetric-Warfare Era
5. Deterring Nuclear Terrorists
IV Deterrence and Smaller Powers
6. Deterrence, Rogue States, and the U.S. Policy
7. Collective-Actor Deterrence
8. Complexity of Deterrence among New Nuclear States: The India-Pakistan Case
9. Unconventional Deterrence: How the Weak Deter the Strong
10. Deterrence and Compellence in Iraq , 1991–2003: Lessons for a Complex Paradigm
V Deterrence and Major Powers
11. Deterrence among Great Powers in an Era of Globalization
12. The Endurance of Extended Deterrence: Continuity, Change, and Complexity in Theory and Policy
13. The Revolution in Military Affairs: Impact of Emerging Technologies on Deterrence
List of Contributors

Author/Editor Details
Edited by: T. V. Paul , James McGill Professor, International Relations, McGill University and Director, University of Montreal-McGill Research Group, International Security
Edited by: Patrick M. Morgan and James J. Wirtz , Professor, Political Science and Tierney Chair, Peace & Conflict Studies, University of California, Irvine
Edited by: James J. Wirtz , Dean, School of International Graduate Studies and Professor, National Security Studies, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey

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